Berlin from its origin to the present day

For more than 500 years Berlin is a capital city - first of The Margraviate of Brandenburg, then of the Kingdom of Prussia, of the Weimar Republic, of the Third Reich, of GDR and FRG and of the German Republic. It has seen the rise of Enlightment and the fall of Nazism, open borders of the European Union and a cement wall separating the East from the West. How these tides changed the city, what influenced Berlin as we see it today - we will learn through a walk in the city - from it’s origin in Nikolaiviertel to the present day.

Tour Route

Frederick the Great

Frederick the Great - the longest reigning of the Hohenzollern kings – was awakened by a cannon every day of his childhood – his father wanted him to become a fine soldier. But young Fritz preferred music, literature and science to military practice. Under his rule Berlin became a center of Enlightenment - an intellectual movement which dominated the world of ideas in the 18th century.
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