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Cherrytours are historical tours throughout Europe that focus on telling a multi–cultural story of the local land and its people. We look at history not only through the lens of the local education system, but also through comparison to the rest of the world at the same point in time. We specialise in details that, though minute in the length of history, define the epoch and paint the times. We realise that history is not only a function of geo–political events, but also an evolution of music, art, science, literature, communications, media, business, technology and most amazingly random unpredicted accidents. All of these we carefully collect and summarise into guided walking tours around Europe to present you a slice of time and place.
Our Classic tours are perfect if you want to see the city at a glance. What makes its headlines? What’s the gist of the place? What are the landmarks?
Historic tours tell the story of local people from first signs of civilization to the present day. It’s a crash course in history of local human species. A two-hour walk that shows the waves of evolution in local culture and structure into what we see today.
Specialized tours are for the adventurous - here you get to live a day in a life of an average person of that land. Our guests get to experience “a day in a life” of a local civilian. Great tour for those who’re wondering “what’s it like to live here”?
Our Team
We are an international team and what brings us together is our curiosity, love for travel and history. We build, we each know what we’re good at, and that’s what we do - complementing each other perfectly. Cherrytours magically brings together our strengths and interests of which the total sum is a wonderful product that people love.
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Based on an on-going research, historical data, memoirs, manuscripts and latest archaeological findings, taking special care to present history in an objective way, we craft our stories for most inquisitive minds, leaving just the right level of detail to make for an interesting narrative.
Tour Routes
We design our tours so that they develop a logical storyline along the walk to provide for a memorable and reflective experience. We follow less crowded streets so that you can focus on the tour instead of traffic.
Tour Guides
We take great care to find the best talent and train our guides. We know how important it is to keep our guests engaged and entertained while they learn. A quality guide means as much as a quality teacher - you won’t love the subject if the teacher is not great.
Tour Groups
Our tour groups are small - 10 to 12 people - so that you can enjoy a better experience. We find smaller groups more accommodating. People feel that they have enough space for questions and that the guide can devote more attention to them.
Why Cherrytours
We just love the art of perfection : ) We’re putting the cherry on the tours - that’s it - we want to do that in the field of city tours.
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