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  • Tours built with care

    We craft our tours for the inquisitive minds. We love history and enjoy tracing its footsteps into the past, finding threads of earlier days weaved into our present. Our Tour Routes are unique. We develop them with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. In every city we offer three flavours: Classic Tour, Historical Tour and Special Tour.

    • If you’re new to the city and want an overview, our Classic tour is exactly what you need. We’ll take you to the most famous attractions and tell you stories about each.

    • Historical tours are for those who’d like to go deeper into city’s history, understand its past and evolution over the centuries. We start chronologically from the place of the city’s foundation and follow the city’s history and urban development to the present day.

    • With our Special tours we want to please the connoisseurs. What better way to understand a city than through its culinary habits, music, art, science, sports, economics? On this tour we visit traditional local businesses, arts, crafts and music venues that define the city’s landscape. With local specialities you get a complete view of the city and learn about its people.

  • small groups

    We believe that for an enjoyable experience tour groups should be small. That´s why we limit our tours to 10-12 guests. This allows for closer contact with your tour guide, who can individually tailor the tour to your needs. We want you to enjoy the walk and the narrative, reflect and absorb, ask questions.

  • Cherry picking - exactly my kind of tour

    Our focus is on people. We are convinced that the choice of the tour guide is crucial. Not every guide fits every guest. This is why you can choose not only the tour, but also your preferred tour guide. On our website you can inform yourself about your tour guide in advance and know exactly who will accompany you in your city experience.

    We consider our tour guides as ambassadors of the city, who also help with recommendations and tips on what’s best.

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