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General Terms and Conditions
SEG TOUR GmbH, Herrnstr. 13, 80539 München

§1 Application/Booking

1.1 Your application constitutes an offer for us to fulfil a service for a guided city tour as described on www.cherrytours.de for the agreed price. The booking happens online or over the phone. You have to register yourself and provide the necessary data for the customer account. 1.2 A contractual agreement is made upon our mailing of the tour confirmation. The applicant is responsible for contractual obligations of all people listed in the application. 1.3 With your application, you permit us to process, save, as well as share your submitted data for contractual purposes within the framework of data protection and privacy laws. Data disclosure will only occur as required to protect justified interests or for entities as stated in German legislation, while ensuring the protection of your interests in the process.

§2 Tour Procedure

2.1 The meeting point is stated in the booking confirmation. We ask that you and all other registered participants arrive on time – no later than 5 minutes prior to the beginning of the tour at the meeting point. 2.2 The price for the tour can be paid prior to the voyage in either cash, with EC or credit card, (VISA, MASTERCARD, etc. valid for at least an additional 6 months). 2.3 The tour guide, carefully selected and trained by us, is bound to the specified tour route. The tour guide reserves the right to alter the tour for safety reasons or to shorten it should the tour exceed its time limit.

§3 Tour Cancellations

3.1 We reserve the right to cancel a confirmed tour should - the minimum participant number of 4 people not be achieved, - the weather forecast indicates that a tour cannot be done enjoyable or safely In these cases we will inform you 24 hours in advance by your submitted email address. Should it begin to rain prior to the beginning of the tour contrary to weather forecasts, the tour guide will use discretion regarding whether the tour will take place or not. The tours general layout allows for shelter during brief showers. 3.2 Tour payment is not required in the case of cancellation by Cherrytours GmbH and no cancellation fees will be incurred. 3.3 Should the tour not be able to take place or be arranged as planned due to acts of God, traffic endangering conditions, special traffic situations or other operating or traffic disruptions beyond our influence and ability to predict, we reserve the right to withdraw from the contract prior or during the tour, or to change the course of the tour. In such cases there is no entitlement to compensation for tour costs or other damages e.g. trip costs or similar expenses.

§4 Booking Cancellations and Modifications/ Withdrawal

4.1 Should you cancel your booking 14 days prior to your reservation, you will only be charged the processing fee of 2.00 € per participant. Cancellations up to 72 hours prior to the reservation are subject to a charge equivalent to 50% of the regular price. 4.2 4.2 Short-term cancellations, “no-shows”, and latecomers will be charged the full price.

§5 Liability and Insurance

5.1 The liability of Cherrytours GmbH, its representatives or assistants, regarding malicious intent or gross negligence, is to be determined by legal provisions. Furthermore, Cherrytours GmbH is only liable for culpable violations of duties that are prerequisites for orderly fulfilment of the contract and any participant normally expects to be observed and upheld. Any claims for damages due to significant violation of contractual obligations are limited by contractually typical and foreseeable damages. Liability in accordance to legal provisions regarding damage to life, limb or health, and based on negligent or malicious violations of duty by Cherrytours GmbH, its representatives or assistants, remains unaffected.

§6 Applicable Law/Place of Fulfillment/Court of Jurisdiction

6.1 Additional agreements require respective changes or additions to the contract in writing. 6.2 Cherrytours GmbH is to fulfil all contractual obligations at their registered locality. Conflicts originating from the contractual relationship and regarding the contract itself are under the jurisdiction of the court for the given registered locality. 6.3 German law will be applicable regarding contractual relationship as well for all legal relationships between parties.
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