All Augsburg Highlights in one Tour

An introductory walk through the city for those who are new to Augsburg. We will visit the city’s landmarks and gain an insight into Augsburg’s 2000-year history. We will start at the Hercules' Fountain and make our way to the Fuggerei - the oldest known social housing project that is still in operation today. We will explore Elias-Holl-Square and stop at the 13th century Goldsmith’s shop before coming to the beautiful Ginoux-Haus - a monument to German Rococo and also feminine strength. Perlachturm and Vogeltor complete the route to paint a picture of this lovely artistic town to the newcomers.

90 min
10 per Person inсl. VAT (min 4 guests)
8 per Child inсl. VAT
Hercules' Fountain, Maximilianstr. 65, 86150 Augsburg
Tour Route

Did you know?

On August 10, 1893 a loud bang at the Augsburg Machine factory marked the beginning of a new era - it was the first time Rudolph Diesel powered up his new engine. The goal of the experiment was to achieve higher efficiency than that of the steam engine popular at the time. The first diesel engine couldn't run on its own and used peanut oil as fuel, but after a few iterations it showed double the efficiency of the steam engine and commercial success followed.

Did you know?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart fell in love with his cousin Maria Anna Thekla Mozart from Augsburg when he was 21. His love letters to Maria, preserved till today, testify to a very intimate relationship. Known as "Bäsle Briefe", Mozart’s letters are striking for their abundance of obscene jokes and bedroom humor which was so dirty that it had to be censored from the letters when they were published in 1914.
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