All Regensburg Highlights in one Tour

The classic tour is for everyone who wants to get to know Regensburg better. On this tour we will show you the most famous sights of the former trade metropolis. The tour starts at the famous Stone Bridge and continues to the Goliath Haus, over Porta Praetoria to the Regensburg Dom. You will hear stories about the city's Roman origins and the noble family Thurn and Taxis as well as learn about Bavarian history.

90 min
10 per Person inсl. VAT (min 4 guests)
8 per Child inсl. VAT
Stone Bridge, under the archway of the bridge tower, 93059 Regensburg, Germany
Tour Route

Did you know?

Have you heard an expression “rolling in butter”? It means having a really good life - smooth like butter. It happens so that the Runtinger Haus in Regensburg was the very representation of this proverb. Back then all expensive Venetian glass was transported from Italy to Germany over the Alps in a simple horse-carriage. Many were broken on the way. Finally came the saving idea: hot, liquid butter was poured over the glass. Once it cooled and solidified, the glass was safely packaged and bad roads could no longer harm it.
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